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Doggie Day Care provides a safe, fun and stimulating environment for your dog while you are at work or away.
We offer a place where your dog can play with other dogs and also get plenty of hugs and kisses.

We want to offer you peace of mind knowing that your dog is spending the day being cared for. No more need to feel guilty about leaving your dog at home while you're at work or away, leave them with us and they will have a fun filled day with their doggy friends.


We understand that every dog is different and each dog will require an initial consultation so we can assess how they will fit into our pack as well as discussing your dog's individual needs. We are happy for you to advise us on your dog's eating habits, walks and anything else to make their day special.

We have regular clients. This ensures that all the dogs get to know each other and form close friendships. Having different dogs in all the time can upset the balance of the pack at doggie day care.

How Four Paws Doggie Day Care in Portsmouth began...

Doggy Day Care began by accident in the summer of 2010 with only three regular dogs coming in for day care during the week.

Since then Doggy Day Care has expanded and now regularly takes 30 dogs per day. It started off with just a handful of dogs and has now grown massively with a client base of over 80 dog owners. The ethos is to give dogs a fun day with plenty of exercise and stimulation and send them home to their owners contented and ready for a good night's sleep.

Why choose Four Paws Doggie Day Care?

We are dedicated to giving your dog all the care they need. We will take care of them while you work or are away from home. We aim to cater for each dogs need and send them home to their owners tired and ready for a nice relaxing evening.

  • Fully vaccinated puppies welcome
  • Discounts available for two dogs from the same family
  • Half day stays available

Dog assessments

Before a dog starts with us at four paws we like to meet them, we will book you in for a twenty minute assessment where you will get to meet us and we will introduce your dog to some of our day care dogs and our own of course.

All dogs must have had the kennel cough vaccination which is separate from the boosters, Puppies must have had both sets of vaccinations and kennel cough before starting with us .

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